The Dirty Denims - Canceled - Corona

Fri 3 Jul 202020:30 — 23:30

Music — Blue Collar Hotel

The Dirty Denims - Canceled - Corona

The Dirty Denims celebrating the birth of their new full album Ready, Steady, Go!. Don't miss this special party!


Super Early Bird (6 euro + service charge):
up to and including April 3rd

Early Bird (8 euro + service charge):
up to and including June 5th

Presale normal (10 euro + service charge):
untill July 3rd 14:00 h

Doors: 12 euro


Blue Collar Hotel has a nice restaurant (please make a reservation to be sure for a spot) ánd very nice places to sleep on the top floors (rooms and hostel-like-beds). Check out all the information and book here:

THE MOMS AND DADS: The Dirty Denims
The Dirty Denims play Happy Hardrock: hardrock that makes you feel good in a heartbeat. Combined with rock 'n roll, powerpop and a slice of punkrock it sounds like AC/DC, KISS, Joan Jett, Ramones and The Donnas. When playing live these rockchicks and guys are at their best; an energetic show of a band that exudes fun, likes audience participation and doesn't taking themselves too seriously.

If five hustling bustling rock musicians team up in order to render homage to the ageless trinity of tearing down borders - sex, drugs & rock n' roll - their band name should indicate their intention. The Gäs knows about that, as they deliver straddle-legged, groovy, down-to-earth hedonistic hard rock. Founded in 2017, the band took off like a rocket; developing their 70s-based rock sound.

Picture header: Patrick Spruytenburg

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